How to claim my Expense in Teamjinn

How to claim my Expense in Teamjinn

Step 1

Login to Teamjinn


 On the Home page click on  +New Expenses .

Step 2



Enter the following Details

·         Purpose

·         Expense Head

·         Conveyance

·         Travel Expense

·         Staff Welfare

·         Internet Charges

·         Business Development Expenses

·         Communication Expenses

·         Per diem

·         Boarding and Loading



·         Start Date

       End Date

·         Bill #

·         Amount



      Step 2 Cont....


·         Attach the Bill Copy

Click ADD To Claim

The Claim will be  approved by the Reporting Manager or both by the Reporting Manager and the Admin as per the Company policy.

On approval this amount will be processed in the current month payroll.