How to configure Leave Tracking

How to configure Leave Tracking

Step 1

Login to Finjinn App using your credentials.

You will be directed to the Home Page.
On the Home Page , click the menu bar (3 horizontal lines on the top left hand corner).

Step 2

Click on "Settings".

Step 3

In the menu click on "Leave Tracking"

Step 4

Select "Leave"

Scroll down to "Enable Leave Tracking" 

Enable by clicking the toggle button.

Click "SAVE"

Step 5

Enable the leaves which are relevant to your Company by enabling the toggle button.

The leaves that are displayed are auto configured based on the best practice in the Industry. 

You can change it as per your Company policy.

Step 6

In case you want your employees to apply for leave when leave balance is insufficient, enable the toggle button to YES.

Click "SAVE"