How to set up ESI in Finjinn

How to set up ESI in Finjinn

ESI Setup Guide in Finjinn

Step 1 


Login to Finjinn application using your credentials. 

You will be directed to the Home Page. 

On the Home Page, click the  menu bar (3 horizontal lines on the top left-hand corner). 

Step 2 


Click on "Settings" (Configure profile, policies) 

Step 3 


In this menu, click on "Compliance".

Step 4 


Go to >> Payroll Compliance >> Mandatory Compliances.

Step 5 


Go to  “ESI Payments” section and click on toggle button to enable status to “Yes”.

This enables the ESI payments for your company.


Click on "SETUP"

Step 6 


You will be taken to the ESI login page.

Enter your ESI Login Id and Password

Step 7

Click "SAVE" button.  


Please Note: Any change in password should be updated in Finjinn to ensure seamless remittances/filing of Statutory Compliance.