How to set up PF in Finjinn

How to set up PF in Finjinn

Step 1

Login to Finjinn App using your credentials.

You will be directed to the Home Page.

On the Home Page , click the  menu bar (3 horizontal lines on the top left hand corner).

Step 2

Click on
Settings (Configure Profile, policies)

Step 3

In this menu click on "Compliance"

Step 4

Go to >Payroll Compliance > Optional Compliance


Enable/disable "PF" by changing toggle button to Yes/No"

Restricted PF

Enable/disable "PF Restricted" by changing toggle button of “Contribute PF on Restricted Basic Salary” to Yes/No"

Step 5

Enter your Login Id and Password

Step 6

Click "SAVE"

Please Note: Any change in password should be updated in Finjinn to ensure seamless remittances/filing of Statutory Compliances.